Term paper cover page

Term paper cover page

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To receive high grades, you need to study well and have a high level of knowledge. Yes, term paper is not an easy task. But it can be significantly facilitated by finding out how each structural part of the work is spelled and shaped correctly.

It is best to ask the teacher or the department how to properly form a title page since even the teachers themselves are not always familiar with the new changes in the rules for title design and require it according to the old patterns. Therefore, in order to avoid all sorts of inconsistencies and ambiguities with the teacher, for whom you write the work, the most optimal and advantageous option would be to ask for a sample of the title page from your supervisor.

But many excellent students prefer to do everything themselves. Therefore, this article may be useful to some of them. Let’s take a look at how to write a cover page.

How to make the cover page for course work?

  • The text is typed in Times New Roman, size 14, all data is centered, and the information about the student and teacher is aligned to the right. First, you need to specify the Ministry of Education of the country. Write in capital letters.
  • Indicate the educational institution also in capital letters.
  • Write the name of the faculty and department.
  • All part of the title page is centered.
  • The phrase “Term paper” is written in capital letters in font size 24 and outlined in bold.
  • Specify the discipline for which you write the term paper.
  • Next, write the theme of the work in font size 16 and select “bold.” And again everything is aligned in the center.
  • Fill in the student and supervisor data and align it to the right.
  • Indicate the city where the educational institution and the year of the course work.

That’s actually all the work related to the cover page. But once again we note that some items may change, so all the information is best to ask your supervisor. Every teacher always wants to help the responsible student.

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