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Trenbolone 75 – Manufacturer: Generic Labs Pharmaceutical name: Trenbolone Acetate Pack: 10 ml/vial (75 mg/ml)

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Trenbolone 75  Description

The drug has potent anabolic and androgenic activity (400% and 200%, respectively, relative to the anabolic and androgenic activity of testosterone). The main action of its historically (veterinary) was directed at the maximum increase in muscle mass and cattle meal. Subsequently, the drug interested representatives easy and weightlifting, bodybuilders and other athletes.

Trenbolone 75 bodybuilding and pauerliftinge used for drying and explosive increase strength, increase endurance athlete. Among its effects are included, and a decrease in cortisol levels during the course, which helps to reduce catabolic processes, and increased libido / sexual activity (directly on the course).

Molecule itself active substance preparation is a modification of the steroid nandrolone, to which is attached an acetate ester. This is one of the most popular trenbolonovyh esters, allowing in the shortest possible time to achieve a meaningful progress athletic performance. Best choice for immediate preparation for a competition, if you are not afraid of doping tests.

Instructions for injections Trenbolone 75  posted in the forum, said high progestogenic activity of the drug, lack of toxicity to the liver and aromatization. Acetate ester after the injection is active in the body 1-3 days, gradually decomposing enzymes lipase plasma. Without joining ether molecule steroid instantly to exert their activity, which the athlete would simply not have time to use. Artificially extended period Incoming substance in blood allows less frequent injections and to maintain the desired level of hormone.

The cost of trenbolone drug 75 is certainly not low, but in terms of price and quality of all the costs will pay for themselves in full. This is one of the most effective anabolic steroids to increase muscle quality and strength, do not expose the flavor. This means that it is deprived of these common side effects of steroids as gynecomastia and fluid accumulation.

athletes are often used with a combination drug or stanozolol boldenone to achieve maximum results in a gain in lean muscle mass. Such combinations are extremely effective and at the same time are relatively safe.

Trenbolone course – a good solution for experienced athletes, but it should be remembered that the steroid is sufficiently strongly reduces the production of testosterone. Side effects from taking it as common acne, skin greasiness, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, aggression, and others including associated with high androgen.

How to take Trenbolone 75?

The use of injections of the drug is allowed only men in mind high androgenic activity. Acceptance of women, even in minimal doses, is generally not recommended because of the risk of virilization symptoms.

Dosage Trenbolone 75 for men is usually from 50 to 100 mg a day to maintain the concentration of active substance in the blood. When the drug of the course duration is longer than 4 weeks, be sure to include in the course of receiving Mesterolone (Proviron) or gonadotropin (Horagon). This will avoid the serious side effects associated with reduced testosterone production.

Effect of steroid trenbolone appreciated by many, so its products are common, among both sports professionals and amateurs. More experienced athletes can use the medication dosage of 50 mg daily, or 100 mg every other day. Beginners are recommended to start the course with small doses of the drug to test the response of the organism and to ensure a good tolerability.

Steroid Trenbolone rate of 75 well manifests itself when used solo, but it is also highly effective combination with analogues. The most popular bundles injecting stanozolol, boldenone, testosterone propionate, Turinabol or oxandrolone. Often it and combine with a long-acting and anabolic androgens including testosterone esters extended.

Maximum efficiency rate can be said to achieve in combination with the sports nutrition and weight for a set amount of exercise. In combination with desirable combinations of ephedrine and clenbuterol.

Trenbolone 75: reviews

The drug is not for nothing is widespread among athletes. Athletes who took it injections to gain 10 kg quality muscle mass for 8 weeks, while maintaining the density and topography (fats are burned, the liquid does not accumulate).

75 reviews about Trenbolone on the internet (on our forum) it is easy to confirm. In our forum experienced athletes share their experiences of receiving steroids, communicate with each other and answer newbie questions. So if you have not taken the drug, the statements about him, and expert advice will surely help to make the right decision (to get individual advice from a sports doctor, world-class athlete in boxing and other professionals engaged in the field).

Numerous references  Trenbolone 75 only praise. They show that in the short term go fat, increase strength and endurance performance, there is a qualitative and quantitative growth of muscle mass.