Testaplex S 100


Testaplex S 100 – Manufacturer: Axiolabs Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Pack: 10ml(100mg/ml)   Testosterone suspension is an injectable preparation containing testosterone (no ester) in a water base.

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TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) of the LABS AXIO  – one of the most powerful  anabolic steroids , among the most sought-after products. Designed to build muscle weight, but due to its special properties often used to “drying”.

pharmachologic effect

TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) of AXIO LABS- is testosterone analogue and stimulates cell receptors, causing intense anabolism. TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) from AXIO LABS does not cause rapid weight gain, but virtually no delays fluid: athletes use this feature of the drug in the precompetitive preparation for the stabilization of weight, burning fat and increasing muscle quality relief. TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) of AXIO LABS taken together with other anabolics.

It is hard to call the formulation having the same high efficiency. Result from receiving testosterone suspension is visible from the first days: improved relief and the amount of muscles, and increases the overall body endurance. Athletes successfully used  Testaplex  both power and demonstration events.

TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) of AXIO LABS affects the genetic mechanisms of cell nuclei and positively affect the nitrogen balance in the body. The drug helps restore muscle tissue, causing hyperplasia – increase in the number of new muscle cells.

TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) from AXIO LABS helps athletes in a short time to be rehabilitated after loads and quickly excreted from the body. The drug increases the performance of strength, endurance and reduces the risk of heart disease (in particular – ischemia).

Use and dosage

TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) of AXIO LABS applied as a rate of 4 to 6 weeks . Budding athletes steroids not yet tried, it is recommended to introduce one dose of 50 mg every second day. Experienced athletes can consume up to 100 mg daily.

TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) from AXIO LABS is recommended to use (starting from the second week of the course) anti-estrogen drugs in order to avoid the risk of gynecomastia and other side effects. It is also desirable to carry out after the course post-cycle therapy.


Quite often, a single injection athletes combined Testaplex  with other  anabolic steroids  water based or with vitamin B12, which is able to neutralize the pain during injection. It is necessary each time to change the injection site, to avoid the risk of local complications. Women take Testaplex  not recommended due to its pronounced androgenic activity.

Course duration is typically  4-5 weeks. According to experts and experienced athletes, it makes no sense to take the drug longer, since any effect from it will not.

Side effect

TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) does not cause adverse effects on the liver and kidneys. Sometimes there is local inflammation at the injection site.

TESTAPLEX S100 (Testosterone suspension) – an inexpensive and effective drug that is popular among experienced bodybuilders, but also suitable for beginners and athletes.