Testaplex P 100


Testaplex P 100 – Manufacturer: Axiolabs Pharmaceutical name: testosterone propionate Pack: 10ml(100mg/ml)   Tetsaplex P 100 for intramuscular injection, contains testosterone propionate.

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Testaplex P 100 (testosterone propionate) – a synthetic analogue of the natural male sex hormone testosterone, which is produced by the body each have their own. The difference lies in the duration of action: if the release of our own (endogenous) testosterone occurs every 1-2 hours, then one injection of testosterone propionate provides increased its level within 48 hours. Exogenous (injected from the outside), testosterone has the same properties as that of our own, it is also susceptible to flavoring (conversion to estrogen – the female sex hormones), and therefore receive a course must be accompanied by supervision of estradiol levels and the presence of “at hand” aromatase inhibitors (perfect anastrozole ).

Effects of reception

  • Accelerated growth of muscle mass and strength, acceleration of total recovery of the body between the loads, increased vitality.
  • Increased libido (sexual desire).
  • Formation of male secondary sex characteristics: facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, and so on.
  • Accelerating the disposal of fatty deposits on the background diet deficient calories
  • The positive effect on the health of joints and ligaments (due to fluid retention.
  • Flavored.

How to take Testapleks P 100

Testaplex P course 100 can be carried out both in order to increase muscle size and to maximize combustion of body fat while minimizing the loss of muscle mass and strength (and even with their growth), the result obtained depends on the overall caloric intake. The effective dosage of testosterone propionate is in the range 150-1000 mg / week. It is understood that more – not better, and the unreasonable selection of dosage may lead to negative consequences. If you are a beginner, take Testapleks-P, you should at a dose of 150-250 mg / week. Injections are made in 1-2 days (eg, Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

That way you can get maximum results while minimizing the possibility of side effects. You also need to monitor the level of estradiol in the case of its increase, taking an aromatase inhibitor ( anastrozole ), if you want to avoid gynecomastia , water retention, high blood pressure, heart rate, and other “pobochek”.

More details about the intricacies of the reception and control of side effects you can find in the topic of thetestosterone propionate .

Reviews of Testaplex P 100

Athletes leave positive feedback about Testaplex P 100. When properly selected dosage and control of the level of estradiol on the course, you have all the chances to avoid any side effects from taking. Also be sure to FCT after a course of anti-estrogens ( clomifene , toremifene , tamoxifen ).

Reviews of Testaplekse-P also said that it is a preparation that is ideal for the first course. In addition, it should be understood that the presence of testosterone in any course is practically mandatory