Sustaplex 250


Sustaplex 250 – Manufacturer: Generic Labs Pharmaceutical name: Sustanon Pack: 10 ml/vial (250 mg/ml)


Testosterone – it is one of the most important hormones, which is produced by the male body. If testosterone levels are low, in the body there are various disorders such as low mood, apathy, decreased libido, and prolonged depression. To this just does not happen, it is necessary from time to time to pass examinations, to eat right and exercise.

But sometimes it just is not enough to always be in a good and vigorous condition. What to do? What medication can raise the level of the main male hormone in the blood? The answer is simple – Sustaplex 250.

Sustaplex 250 in bodybuilding

Sustaplex 250 – is the most popular anabolic in the modern world, as it consists of four testosterone ester. This includes testosterone enanthate, propionate, cypionate, and even. Such a “rattling” mixture is appreciated by athletes, since Sustanon begins to act almost immediately after entering the body. With this result the drug is still quite a long time (several weeks after receiving the course solo).

Anabolic steroid Sustaplex 250 is ideal for muscle building, as it has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect. The effect can be felt the next day after the start of the drug. Thanks to Sustanon, the body does not accumulate excess water, so many athletes speak of this steroid is only on the positive side and say a surge of strength and rapid muscle growth.

Sustaplex 250 does not aromatize as enanthate and cypionate, so the side effects had virtually none. And if they are, in most cases of drug overdose. We can say one thing that bodybuilders give their preference to Sustanon.

What caused the lasting effect of the use of Sustanon? All results from the fact that each component contained in a preparation having a different time in the suction body. Very good and that Sustaplex 250 can take quite rare, but its impact will still be terrific. Most athletes take on 250-1000 mg for 7 days, usually somewhere 500 mg. Sustaplex 250 can be combined with other anabolic steroid, as well as to take a solo course, but orally – so they will complement each other.

This drug can be used for the treatment of people who for serious illness (cancer, hepatitis, etc.) have lost a lot of weight. Athletes this drug gives a lot of strength for the trainings. For best results, the course of Sustaplex 250 you can also add deca-durabolin. He often well tolerated, but still occasionally appear in some bodybuilders side effects.

Solo Course Sustaplex 250

Sustaplex 250 has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. His favorite of many athletes. And not for nothing, because the results after applying just impressive. So what advantages does Sustanon?

  1. Due Sustaplex 250 muscle mass built up quickly. The result can be seen on the very next day after the start of the application.
  2. After treatment in athletes markedly increased appetite. This is especially good for those who like to eat a little.
  3. Sustanon increases the level of red blood cells in the blood, and because of it provides better endurance. Increased sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

Anabolic steroid Sustanon – it’s a great drug, after the application, which is almost never side effects. And if they are, it is only when the athlete is taking too large doses during the course.

Sustaplex 250: Side Effects

Negative consequences that has any synthetic testosterone – is that it can “transform” into estrogen. Estrogen – a female hormone, so if there will be many in the male body, the male body will develop on the female type, that is, to acquire the feminization. In order to avoid this, it is necessary in parallel to take drugs that suppress estrogen production. This can be tamoxifen, anastrozole and others.

With an overdose of men can stop your male hormone produced in the body, that is, there is addiction to this form. Also, there have been occasions when the stronger sex occurred testicular atrophy. But all this can be easily avoided if the rate of application of the solo Sustanon will not last more than two months. A more long-term use should drink drugs with an anti-estrogen effect.

There may also be side effects of androgen, such as:

  • acne or acne;
  • baldness;
  • prostate problems.

Some athletes mentioned fever while taking Sustanon.

But once again it is worth noting that all of the side effects occur when there is an overdose of the drug, or if a large dose has been assigned to the athlete. With the right approach to the case of side effects can be avoided.

Since there is a risk that Sustaplex 250 will suppress the production of testosterone in your body, the best thing will be after the solo course to add to your “diet” Clomid and HCG.

Women athletes can take testosterone, but not for long periods. Sustaplex 250 is why they are not suitable, since virilization symptoms can occur. Some of the fair sex are not scared. They, on the contrary, want to look impressive in the bodybuilding competition, and therefore take on different forms of testosterone
But when it comes to Sustanon, then in any case it is not recommended to use more than 250 mg per week. And the course itself should last no longer than 6 weeks. These rules should be followed in order to avoid irreversible effects occurred in the female body.

Beginners do not take Sustaplex 250 solo or combined with other substances. They are generally the first time it is better not even to think about anabolic steroids, since the early stages of sports, they are useless.

At the use of Sustanon liver is not damaged, although in cases of overdose was an increase in all indicators of the body. But once completed the course, all again falls into place. Liver copes with testosterone, it is even mentioned in the book of forbidden substances (doping), which was written by Dirk Klazing and Manfred Donike. The book also indicated that a small rat liver (total 2 g) can cope with the 100 mg dose.

How to take Sustaplex 250

The drug is intended strictly for intramuscular injection. Dosages for beginners solo rate range from 250 mg to 500 mg for 7 days. Typically, experienced athletes use of 500 mg and higher. All depends on the individual and their goals.

The optimal duration of the course for beginners – to three months. If this period is exceeded, it is necessary to include gonadotropin and estrogen blockers. These include Proviron and Letrozole.