Sustamed – Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone blend Pack: 1 ml/amp (250 mg/ml)

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Sustamed 250, manufactured by SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals, is sufficiently high-power drug which demonstrates both anabolic and androgenic effect. Steroid active substance are decanoate, phenylpropionate, izokarpoat and propionate, which are testosterone esters.

In contrast to the individual types of testosterone, this steroid differ necessity rare injections. The optimal frequency is once every six weeks. The maximum level of testosterone in the blood is achieved after fifteen days after injection, and reduced to the original after about four weeks.

Sustamed was made back in the seventies of the twentieth century, a pharmaceutical company «Organon». The steroid was originally used for the treatment of diseases that are caused by lack of secretion of testosterone. These ailments include sexual dysfunction, delayed puberty, cancer, women’s diseases. To date, it is taken only with sports purpose.

What effect does Sustamed?

As a result of receiving Sustamed 250 following changes occur:

  • It stimulates protein production, against which increases the mass of the body;
  • increased appetite;
  • increasing libido;
  • provided hematopoietic function.

The preparation increases the red cell component of blood supply. This improves the efficiency of oxygen transport to the cells of muscle tissue. Against this background, it is increasing the aerobic capacity of the body, which allows to break down molecules of ATP, with the assistance of oxygen much longer time.

The mixture of esters has a positive effect, since each component begins to act on the stage, eliminating the need to inject continuously. This gives Sustamed most potent androgenic activity. The drug is particularly in demand among representatives of law enforcement disciplines – weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders.

How to take

The course is a preparation designed for two months. The dosage for seven days is about 250-750 grams. Receiving Sustamed caused by the individual characteristics of each organism: sex, weight, racing experience, expertise in the use of steroids with an anabolic effect, the ultimate goal.

Steroid demonstrates maximum efficiency when the gain weight is not the primary concern. women are advised not to use the tool because of the harm it can be more than good. To increase muscle growth, combined with the drug nandrolone, and for the purchase of relief and drying – with Winstrol.

Possible side effects from Sustamed

The negative consequences of steroid usually arise when athletes take Sustamed without antiestrogens. Medium and large dosage combined with Tamoksimedom and Klomedom. The concentration of testosterone has a direct impact on the extent and probability of side effects.

Adverse effects may occur acne, alopecia or, conversely, an increase in hair. This is due to individual predisposition. Even the two athletes with the same physical parameters of the steroid is perceived quite differently.

Taking the drug should start with small doses. Please be aware that the discovery of the drug on the doping control is about three months, making use of funds competing athletes is extremely difficult.

Reviews of steroid Sustamed 250

In a positive way about Sustamed 250 discharged Balkan is, respond, as a rule, the siloviki-athletes, for whom the cost has no definite value. Especially highly prized rarity administration, which makes the cost is not so high. Separately esters are cheaper for that Sustamed frequently criticized.

The efficiency of fat burning and rollback phenomenon causes some doubts. Overall, the evaluation Sustamed given positive. Typically, the reviews of the drug noted an increase in muscle mass, increase strength, and high safety.