SUSTA 1250


SUSTA 1250 – Manufacturer: Gen Shi, Japan Pack: 5 ml (250 mg/ml) The rate at which the hormones are release


As you know, Testosterone is the most important hormone to build up the body at our dreams. There are lots of testosterone forms in different esters on internet market such as testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate. As we stated above, sustanon was developed by mixing four different testosterone forms that have different esters.And we can truly say that Sustanon is the best-known form of injectable testosterones in recent years.
You should take sustanon less than 750 mgs per week. If you would like to take more than 750 mgs sustanon is not a good choice for you. For anyone taking over that sum, it makes little difference whether you take sustanon or any other long acting ester such as cypionate or enanthate. That’s why this is related dosage, you will have a big build in the system and the faster acting testosterone esters in sustanon is going to no longer make a change.

500 mgs weekly is optimum dosage level for getting desired results in our opinion. At this dosage, gains are typically good for a first cycle and usually no ancillary(helpful) drug is required to control estrogen such as tamoxifen, nolvadex, clomid and HCG Pregnyl.We would recommend you to continue using this dosage for 8 or 12 weeks.
Next stage is 750 mg/week maintain a noticeable further increase in gains, and if estrogen is controlled, side effects are commonly not much different with at 500 mgs per week.But, just in case we strongly recommend you to take anti-estrogens at this dosage. You must use tamoxifen and clomid at least.

Side Effects:
Hair loss is first side effect of sustanon.Men will have M-shaped receding hairlines.We’d recommend you to take Proscar to minimize hair loss during your sustanon cycle. It may sometimes cause Prostate.Sustanon also converts to esterogen pretty easily. When it is taken at high dosages estrogenic side effects could be showed up in men.Furthermore, one of the most impornant – i think major important- side effect is gynecomastia. Gyno is the most common sustanon side effect is caused high levels of estrogen.Water retenion is any other side effects of sustanon. To fight mentioned side effects above, you have to use nolvadex, proviron, arimidex during your sustanon cycle. Also, take 5000 ui HCG Pregnyl 3 weeks later end of your cycle.
Finally, let me remind to minimize side effects you need to have a well planned cycle and post cycle therapy(PCT).