Provimed 50 (Proviron)


Provimed 50 (Proviron) – Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical name: Mesterolone Pack: 20 tablets (50 mg/tab)


Medicinal Actions:

Mesterolone was developed by Schering throughout 1934, making it among the first medications utilized in hormone-replacement therapy. Provimed is quite similar to di-hydrotestosterone because it’s a powerful steroid hormone but a really weak organic process realtor.

Provimed is useful withinside heaps because of its unique capacity to keep your body through switching androgen hormone or the male growth hormone directly straight in estrogen, this provides you with the androgenic hormone or testo-sterone a better organic process impact. This particular assists the bodybuilder in several ways. First, that preventing the actual oexcess the extra estrogen structures inside mind, this causes a rise withinside the release of the particular Gonadotropins (Luteinizing hormone and also FHS) which  induce the actual testicles to make extra testosterone.

Guidelines for use:

The drug is given by mouth and also the preliminary suggested serving will be three to four 25 mg tablets every day for a number of weeks, followed by maintenance remedy of two to three capsules (50-75mg) daily. Several utilize it withinside the 150 mg so that you can 200 mg daily dosage array. This is a very safe and secure medicine as well as at individuals doses, offers very little harmful effect. Over and above the 100mg per day dose, you commence going into the zoom associated with decreased returns.

Side effects :

Use of Provimed mistreatment can lead to side effects just similar to slimy pores and epidermis, acne breakouts, tiredness, lowered sex drive, or painful erections, facial/body new growth of hair and also men design boldness continue to be quite typical. Girl must steer clear of this particular medicine due to its virilising side-effects.

The actual doses regarding Provimed shouldn’t be altered without having medical treatment as that may lead to gentle  serious unwanted effects such as sleep disturbances, frustration, reduced effectiveness, despression symptoms, fragile memory space.