Propionate 100


Propionate 100 – Manufacturer: Generic Labs Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Propionate Pack: 10 ml/vial (100 mg/ml)

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Propionate 100 represents the ester of the male sex hormone testosterone – propionate. This relatively rapid ether which practically immediately comes into operation and maintains a high concentration for 24-48 hours. Thus, the injection of the drug will have to do quite often – ideally every day. If you have such unacceptable injection mode, you had better pay attention to the longer ester of testosterone – enanthate , cypionate or a mixture of esters .

In general, Propionate possess all the same effects that are common to all other esters of testosterone. The only difference is in the “on” rate in the work and half-life.

Effects of reception

  • Acceleration of the growth of muscle mass and strength by increasing the synthesis and protein and significantly reduce the time between training recovery.
  • Increased libido, hair growth acceleration in androgennozavisimyh zones (on the face, chest)
  • Positive impact on the joints. This is due to accumulation of fluid in the joint capsule.
  • The acceleration of lipolysis (fat-burning).
  • Improving efficiency, reducing fatigue.

How to take propionate

Accept Propionate be in dosage 150-1000 mg / week. You need to push off from the experience of each individual athlete, as well as its goals and objectives. If this is your first AAS course, you should adhere to the minimum dosage of 150 mg / week.

Course propionate 100 minimum dosage does not mean getting minimal results, so you can test the response of the organism to exogenous sex hormones, particularly testosterone propionate, reducing the risk of side effects such as increased blood pressure, acne , gynecomastia and others. Also, it is imperative to be tested for hormones during the course, in order to see the condition of your body and be able to instantly react to unwanted change.

For more information about the side effects of this drug, its pros and cons, you can learn in the subject of testosterone propionate .

Reviews of Propionate 100

Athletes leave good reviews about propionate, a significant increase in libido, increase efficiency, excellent Pumping (pumping) muscles during exercise, increasing power performance, and of course, the accelerated growth of muscle mass.