PRIMOJECT 100mg/ml 5ml vial


PRIMOJECT 100mg/ml 5ml vial – Manufacturer: Eurochem labsPharmaceutical name: PrimobolanPack: 5ml(100mg/ml) Presentation: Primoject 5 cc vails, 100 mg/ml Total amount: 500mg per 5ml vial Substance: Methenolone Enanthate Alternative names: Primobolan Dep


PrimoJect Eurochem Usage:

PrimoJect Eurochem steroid is an anabolic preparation, nearly clean with very small androgenic response, that has a somewhat durable anabolic action, also this medicine pills have limited reactions when it comes to increase the strength and muscle weight. When the sportspersons administrates the tabs there is no quick rise in mass and also no extensive intensification of strength. This is one of the causes why the PrimoJect Eurochem steroid is administrate for an extensive period of time, because this leads to a slow but quality increase of muscle, which is preserved in most part after ending healing.

PrimoJect Eurochem steroid pills have a elementary organization in the pre- competitions periods, specially for women, because the acetate kind does not aromatize into estrogen and does not maintain the water in organism. A distinct quality of this preparations is the fact that is valuable for fat burning. Although much improved it will be to take the steroid straight on the spot where is required, this way the constituent gets in the blood by skin. Take PrimoJect Eurochem directly on the skin united with dimethyl sulfate which is one of the fewest element that passes wholly through skin.

PrimoJect Eurochem Dosing:

The real dosage of PrimoJect Eurochem in the formula of injection is 200-300 mg per week. If you want to use it orally, 50-150 mg in a day is the advised dosing. For males, 50-100 mgs per day is the right as well real dosing by mouth, while for females, 10-25 mgs in a day is the greatest quantity. In case you have to use them as injections, the best measure for PrimoJect Eurochem injection is 350-600 mg weekly for men. Women must administrate 100 mg per week of this medication. PrimoJect Eurochem injectable active life is approximate 10-14 days, while the dynamic life of this product in the form of tabs is approximately 4-6 hours. The time of its finding is four-five weeks.

PrimoJect Eurochem Undesirable results:

All products may give unusual reactions, but many men have no, or unimportant, negative reactions. Talk to your physician if every of these most traditional unwanted reactions continue or become worrisome:

– increasing penis;

– amplified frequency of erections;

– abnormal hair growth;

– bad skin or slick skin;

– enlarging clitoris;