Nandrolona D


Nandrolona D – Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical name: Nandrolone Decanoate Pack: 1 ml/vial (200 mg/ml)


Nandrolone D 20% from SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals – a classic steroid (active substance – nandrolone decanoate ) for increasing muscle mass and aerobic productivity. It is interesting that under the influence of heavy and prolonged stress, the body can devote yourself nandrolone. However, its concentration is low and is not more than a few nanograms per milliliter of urine. Buy nandrolone is possible even in pharmacies, but the price will be very high, given the minuscule dosage.

Nandrolone D, compared with testosterone, has a carbon atom at the 19th position, but because he is more like progestins. Androgenic action nandrolone is much less than that of testosterone (approximately 1/3), and the anabolic effect is increased in half.

Effects of receiving Nandrolone D 20%

  • Excellent muscle growth (for a course lasting four weeks you can collect up to 8 kilograms).
  • Improved joint lubrication (increased amount of liquid), the elimination of joint pain.
  • Increase aerobic performance. Nandrolone D increases blood erythrocyte mass, which improves the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. As a result, they can work longer and with higher performance, without the “acidification”.
  • Increasing the body’s immunity.
  • The lack of “rollback phenomenon”.

Nandrolone D is not converted into androgenic metabolites unlike conventional testosterone. As a result of enzymatic degradation (which produced the same the same 5-alpha reductase, that of testosterone), nandrolone is converted to dihydrotestosterone, and then in dihydronandrolone. In this form of the hormone is very little effect on the body, almost without causing any side effects. Conversion to estrogen nandrolone 5 times less than the same indicator in testosterone.

How to take Nandrolone D 20%

Course Nandrolone D 20% lasts about 8-10 weeks. Nandrolone decanoate – a steroid delayed action, so to make the injection more often than once a week, it is inappropriate. The term active substance is a fortnight. In one portion (weekly injections) should enter from 200 to 500 mg Nandrolone D 20%. Increasing these dosages may cause side effects. More efficient will be two courses conducted through a long break (at least most of the course duration) than one long. If you are taking Nandrolone longer than 8 weeks, you need to include human chorionic gonadotropin. This is best done with the fourth or fifth week of the course.

Your weight, age, gender and experience in the application of anabolic steroids is largely determines how to take Nandrolone D 20%. Women should refrain from the use of this drug.

Side effects

If you exceed the dosage may have problems with erection (this is due to the suppression of natural testosterone), high blood pressure, rhinitis, headaches, back pain, and rash. All this is due to the fact that about a fifth of injected nandrolone D binds to progestin receptors. Side effects Nandrolone D from 20% does not occur when taking the drug according to regulations and track response. To begin the first course with the minimum recommended dose