Haloplex – Manufacturer: Axiolabs Pharmaceutical name:Fluoxymesterone Pack: 25 tabs, 10mg per tablet   Fluoxymesterone (Haloplex) is an androgenic steroid that is only useful to a small select group of athletes who seeks very specific goals.

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Haloplex Profile

Haloplex – Fluoxymesterone from Axiolabs is an oral c17-alfa-alkylated AAS that provides good strength gains and low-moderate anabolic qualities. This means that the drug alone failed to provide significant muscle mass gains. Obviously power lifters seeking improved strength while maintaining a certain body weight liked this drug.

Haloplex Reviews

Though its high androgenic characteristic increases hardness pre-contest, and fueled serious training intensity, it has a very bad influence on liver. Haloplex does little at the androgen receptor-sites in muscle tissue. Haloplex is a DHT derivative. Blood test results confirms usually a significant elevation in DHT during administration of Haloplex. Gyno is not a problem with Halotestin due to a lack of aromatization. In fact, some individuals have reduced their existing gyno due to the use of this drug. It also does not cause water retention, another pre-contest plus. Haloplex is not a great mass gain drug, definitely not in the car with Anadrol or Dianabol. But some results can be seen in lean mass and strength maintenance.

Haloplex Results

Bodybuilders use Haloplex to improve muscle hardness during the last 4-6 weeks of dieting before competition. Since this drug does not aromatize and water retention seldom results from its use, this drug worked quite well for this purpose. However, when stacked with an injectable anabolic prone drug such as equipoise or deca for example, the high increase in strength gains realized from Haloplex were well transformed into quite respectable lean muscle mass gains.

Haloplex Dosage

Usually males take 20-40 mg of Haloplex daily divided into 2-3 even dosages for 3-6 weeks.

Haloplex Stack

The use of anti-estrogens is not necessary since fluoxymesterone does not aromatize at all. As secondary drugs one may want to consider blood pressure medication to avoid hypertensive conditions. Since Haloplex is very toxic to the liver the Milk thistle, dessicated liver, vitamin B6 and are almost mandatory during and after a cycle. There is no need for clomid of Nolvadex use after a cycle to bring back the natural testosterone. Due to its toxicity Halotestin is not much sought out in stacks.

Haloplex Side Effects

Though gyno or water retention is unlikely to occur from the use of Haloplex, there are several side effects. Since this drug is an alteration of Methyltestosterone (with a higher androgenic/lower anabolic effect) and a c17-alkylated steroid, it is quite hard on the liver. Nose bleeds, headaches, stomach aches, and acne are some of the reported side effects. Users seldom reported profitable use that extended beyond 4-6 weeks.