GP M1T – Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical name: Methyl-1-Testosterone Pack: 50 tablets (10 mg/tab)

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GP M1T- Methyl -1-Testosterone from Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an oral anabolic steroid derived from the hormone dihydrotestosterone. Methyl-1-Testosterone (or 17alpha-methyldihydroboldenone) is an orally active derivative of the potent anabolic/androgenic steroid 1-testosterone. Thus the profile of GP M1T is similar to that of 1-test except it does not convert to estrogen, and it is highly anabolic and moderately androgenic (less than 1-test). When compared to orally administered methyltestosterone, methyl 1-test is 910-1600% as anabolic and 100-220% as androgenic.

GP M1T can be looked at some kind of bastard amalgamation of Primobolan, Winstrol, and Trenbolone. It has the basic 1-ene structure of primobolan, the bioavailability of a methylated oral steroid like winstrol, and the high potency of a strong receptor binding of an agent like trenbolone. But the potency of GP M1T exceeds that of every prescription anabolic steroid currently sold.


The side effects reported by users of GP M1T are many and individual reactions vary considerably. The most commonly reported side effect is lethargy, which can range from mild to severe. Other common side effects include increased blood pressure, bloating, joint pains, cramps, mild headaches, insomnia, aggressiveness, and irritability. Many users also find that GP M1T decreases appetite, which can be harmful or beneficial depending on one’s goals. These side effects can be reduced by lowering dosage or taking smaller doses more frequently. Combining it with another androgen (such as 4-AD) may also help, but feedback on this is limited.

Another concern with GP M1T (and methylated steroids in general) is hepatotoxicity. Although this tends to be exaggerated, it is still prudent to take certain precautions. First and foremost, other substances that are toxic to the liver (such as alcohol) should be avoided to avoid placing extra stress on the liver. If methyl 1-test is stacked, it would be best to stack it with something other than an oral steroid/prohormone, such as a transdermal. Milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, and N-acetyl-cysteine are commonly recommended to help protect the liver.


When taking GP M1T it is better to start out with at least a week at a dose of 5-10 mg to see how one reacts. Many users find this range to be effective, while others consider the ideal amount to be 20-40 mg. It depends on the experience, goals, and individual reaction. Many consider a lower dose to be just as effective as a higher one, but with less side effects. Most seem to find their ideal dose to be in the 10-30 mg range. Cycle length should be kept short, in the range of 1-4 weeks. Finally, it is especially important to take adequate time off after each cycle with this substance to allow the body to recover.