GP Cheque Drops


GP Cheque Drops – Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical name: Mibolerone Pack: 50 tablets (100mcg/tab)

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GP Cheque Drops represents an oral steroid from Greneza Pharmaceuticals with its active substance- Mibolerone.

Originally used to suppress ovulation of female dogs in heat, Mibolerone is one of the harshest steroids in existence. It is approximately 5.9 times as anabolic, and 2.5 times as androgenic as Testosterone. GP Cheque Drops provide a short adrenaline-like aggression rush in athletes when used immediately prior to a sporting event. Due to its high androgenic properties, it is often the cause of progesterone related gynecomastia.


Due to the short half-life of Mibolerone, it is most commonly used by athletes about 30-40 minutes before their sporting event. Cheque drops are placed under the athletes tongue, and effects including aggression, strength and adrenaline rush are felt rapidly. The drug leaves the body within approximately four hours.


GP Cheque Drops is an extremely toxic compound which should be taken with care. It should never be taken by anyone for more than 2 weeks and the maximum dosage is 200mcg for an adult. If it is used for more than the recommended two weeks, it will suppress the natural secretion of testosterone and will be toxic to the liver. The same is the case if the standard dosage of 200 mcg is not respected. If the dosage is too little, it may not have the desired effects and if too much, it will be toxic. Since it does not aromatize in the body, the levels of progesterone increase, therefore there is a need to use GP Cheque Drops with anti-progesterone.

Side Effects

Being one of the most androgenic compounds, mibolerone is also one of the most toxic. The most common side effect is progesterone related gynecomastia because it is a 19 nor-androgen. It can also severely affect liver function because it is a 17AA compound. Using it with other 17AA compounds can be extremely damaging to the liver. If used in low doses (less than 2 weeks), there are very few, if any anabolic effects. When used short term, natural testosterone will return to normal levels very quickly. However, if being used 2 weeks there is an extremely high risk for liver damage and natural testosterone suppression because it is an LH blocker. Also, this compound does not convert into estrogen; therefore, progesterone production is increased.

Other well known side effects of the GP Cheque Drops are increased aggression, disturbed sleep patterns or insomnia, high blood pressure and severe liver damage. It is highly dangerous if used by females. Some female side effects include severe acne, cessation of the menstrual cycle, deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement and vaginal secretion. Effects of the drug will also be passed onto an unborn fetus.