CUT STACK 750 – Manufacturer: Gen Shi, Japan Pack: 5 ml (150 mg/ml) Cut-stack 150 contains 3 different acti



Gen-Shi Cut Stack 750 s one of the best product of Gen – Shi Labs. It’s formed by 3 effective product. It supllies wonderful results in definition time. There are150 mg medicine in 1 ml. If you want to gain muscles without fat, you can use it without hesitation. But it need to use Clomid because of it includes Trenbolone.
Cut Stack is composed of 3 different products: Testosterone Propionate -Drostanolone Propionate – Trenbolone Acetate.
Testosterone propionate is as a natural testosterone in body and maximizes the quantity of nitrogen in muscles and influences the quantity of IGF-1 in both the liver and muscle. It is a steroid that helps to muscle developments in men and women. With testosterone propionate the protein is stored in muscels and when increasing red blood cells in the body, lactic acids reduce in the muscels. Testosterone propionate has minimum side effects, low water retention, for hat reason has many advantages. It can be combine with other steroids.
Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron) is used for bulking and cutting cycle, it is very powerful steroid that struggle with estrogenic side effects like water retention. It does not aromatize. Therefore Masteron is a steroid favorite for the athletes. And also it has a short half life for that reason 2 weeks before the races there is no problem in urine analysis.
Trenbolone Acetate is an ideal steroid for muscle gain, power gain and competition preparation. It is very strong such as testosterone esters and in the same time Tren decreases the body fat when athletes make muscle mass. Tren has also a property such as appetite stimulator, and has no any water retention. A lot of anabolics have nitrogen retention, increase proteins, prevent the emission of glucocorticoid steroids and maximize red blood cells. But Trenbolone Acetate make these
much more. A single Trenbolone Acetate has power of influence of numerous steroids.
Effective dose: 150-300 mg in every other day
Use for: 4 – 12 weeks


Raised blood pressure, sweating at night, insomnia, and increased libido, hair loss, acne,  causing swelling of feet or legs, excessive salt and water retention.
Side effects for women are excess body hair growth, deepening of voice, cessation or irregularity of menstruation, male pattern baldness, and enlargement of the clitoris. And also nausea, vomiting and depression.