Aquatest (testosterone suspension)


Aquatest (testosterone suspension) – Manufacturer: CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Aquatest is dissolved in pure water testosterone, without esterification. The absence of the ester residue is the main difference between this product from other forms of testosterone used in medicine and sport. The onset of action of this steroid have almost instant, and within days, he removed from the body so that almost was not found for a doping test.

In view of its particular application best clenbuterol cycle in bodybuilding and other sports spread directly before the competition. This is one of the most powerful drugs to enhance performance in strength and mass.

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Description Aquatest

The drug suspension is testosterone. It is because of the lack of essential balance testosterone arrives almost instantly into the blood and begins to act. In the case of reception of its esters, to this effect sometimes takes weeks of reception. Injections of 100 Aquatest (Balkan) may differ soreness, but overall side effects are rare. Prior to injection, the vial should be shaken, since testosterone tends to settle on the water bottom.

Testosterone suspension has become the world’s first anabolic steroid, it has been known since the 1930s. An important difference that 100 mg of active substance preparation give the body of the athlete exactly 100 mg of pure testosterone, while various esters give less on this relation. For example, about 100 mg testosterone enanthate on proper hormone for about 72 mg. Other – ether residue, which provides a gradual action of the drug.

Sale of Aquatest Balkanfarma very popular among professional athletes participating in competitions. A very rapid increase in power performance and gain muscle at the same time did not read the tests, makes the cost of the drug in terms of price and quality is not so high. The effects of any testosterone in principle similar, differing only in the speed of action.

The speed of onset of action of steroid lies its main advantage. Effect of taking an athlete can feel already at 2-3 day course. His rapid pharmacokinetics and is responsible for its contraindications, and frequent side effects. High androgen exposure flavoring cause fluid accumulation in athletes, acne, alopecia, gynecomastia. In connection with this limited acceptance of such a substance in persons sensitized thereto, renal failure. Women use especially not recommended.

Detailed instructions for Aquatest Balkan is available at our forum, where you can find a lot of useful information on reception and combination of drugs. Toxicity to the liver occurs only at considerable overdoses of the drug. Athletes appreciate this drug because of its amazing anabolic properties and speed of action. The disadvantages are the high androgen aromatization, as well as the practical inaccessibility of buying the drug, but there are pleasant exceptions in the form of our shop. It must be remembered that the mere muscle growth does not cause drug. For the effect to be systematically trained and adhere to the sports diet.

How to take Aquatest

Injectable preparation, with a small half-life. Therefore, it requires frequent injections, usually daily. But very intense course of injections and put on 2-3 times a day. The daily dosage it is typically 50-100 mg. Each injection is necessary to put in a new location in order to avoid local side effects. Optimally conduct Aquatest course for 4-5 weeks at the most. During this time, the effect is achieved equivalent or even greater than when testosterone esters within 8-10 weeks.

Admission Aquatest injection has a strong influence on the development of its testosterone on the arc of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes. If you need a large duration of the course, you can not do without receiving gonadotropin. From the very first day of the injection, if you are prone to side effects, it is necessary to combine with taking anti-estrogens.

Often one syringe combined testosterone and other anabolic suspension in an aqueous base. It is also often mixed with vitamin B12 – it reduces the pain of injections. In particular sensitivity of the drug is mixed with anesthetics lidocaine or novocaine solution.

Course with Aquatest 100 is often used in power and in demonstration sports. To enhance muscle mass effect set can be combined preparation with Equipoise and nandrolone. Women usually do not take the medication in view of its high androgenic. Exceptions are possible only in individual cases, with the advice of a specialist.

Aquatest Balkans: reviews

The long history of drug and well-studied testosterone and its esters allow to obtain reliable feedback on its use by athletes. The vast majority of athletes is more than satisfied with the results. Multiple reviews of the drug suggest that in no time there is a significant increase in muscle mass and power indicators. Subject to reasonable dosages, and use of anti-estrogens and gonadotropin almost everything possible to avoid side effects.

Some reviews Aquatest 100 indicates a very rapid development of gynecomastia in case of violation of the recommendations and neglect antiestrogens. Also, sometimes there is soreness of injections, but the efficacy of the drug covers all physical “suffering” of the athlete.

You can read real reviews AQUATEST, by going to our forum. On its pages, experienced athletes and skilled professionals to share their experiences and give advice to beginners. If you only want to start taking the drug, the reviews will help you make the right decision. If you are already taking medication, we will be happy to hear your opinion.