Anapolon – Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical name: Oxymetholone Pack: 60 tablets (50 mg/tab)


Anapolon Balkans – is the strongest oral medication based on oxymetholone. To date, he loses only anabolic indicator halotestu, lack of which is a high androgenic activity. In the case of course Anapolon you get only active anabolic background without conversion into estrogen. The absence of serious enhance androgen blockade and aromatization contributes to the elimination of such serious pobochek such as gynecomastia.

Course Anapolon used only for a set of muscle mass, and in most cases the use oxymetholone characteristic experienced or professional athletes. The use of this preparation allows to increase cherished muscle volume and increase power rates as soon as possible. It should be noted that Anapolon is one of the fastest steroids. Its effect is felt within a few hours after the first dose.


Rate effects Anapolon:

  • The very rapid growth of quality muscle mass;
  • A small set of water, which increases the power endurance;
  • Tremendous increase in power performance;
  • Pumping strong, even with a small number of repetitions;
  • Easy fat burning effect throughout the body, including in problem areas;
  • Minimal recoil phenomenon (muscle mass remains only water is drained);
  • Powerful anabolic support the body;
  • The ability to combine Anapolon with other steroids.


How to use

Anapolon can be for a solo course, but the more effective the scheme is a multi-step course that begins with the Anapolon. Oxymetholone due to its rapid absorption can instantly unwind metabolism and to prepare the body for subsequent high intensity loads. Other oral medications rather slow “unwind”, whereby Anapolon often used by professionals in the early stages of a multi-component course of steroids.

Use Anapolon for long courses (8-10 weeks). The daily dosage varies from 50 to 100 mg. The best combination of testosterone esters are long or complex drugs such as Sustanon or Omnadren-250. I recommend you to use Anapolon is only the first 5-6 weeks, then it should be replaced with other oral steroids (Turinabol, methane, stanozolol, etc.).

The scheme is simple: you quickly unwinds metabolism and strength gains on the background of the increased protein synthesis by receiving Anapolon. Next you refuse from it and secured dialed result using light and testosterone esters oral preparations. According to the results of this course you will keep more than 90% of muscle mass, draining only water, that the way will give you the coveted relief.

Use Anapolon Balkans for a longer time is inappropriate and meaningless. Some athletes combine Anapolon with Deca (nandrolone), but such a scheme is only suitable for those who do not have a predisposition to the appearance of gyno and other progestational pobochek. Also, such a course can not be used when a high percentage of body fat.

For the combinations used as trenbolone, boldenone and Primobolan, but this scheme professionals. Lovers will have enough testosterone.

Anapolon is not recommended for women. the risks are too great gain fat mass. Without testosterone use year results will be disappointing.


Side effects Anapolon 

Before you buy Anapolon should be aware of its progestogenic activity. If you have elevated estradiol and other hormones for women, it is better to use the softer drugs, or to begin to bring gormonalku in order.


If not exceed 150 mg per day, no adverse effects will be observed. All the rumors that Anapolon is very harmful and dangerous – no more than stereotypes associated with counterfeiting. Anapolon Balkan is an excellent example of the quality of oxymetholone.


PCT after Anapolon

Post-cycle therapy is standard and must start from the components of the course. If Anapolon course was solo, it will be enough Clomid 2 tablets per day (1 morning, 1 evening) for 10-14 days. I recommend to buy some sports testosterone booster in order to speed up the recovery.