How to put relevant coursework on resume

How to put relevant coursework on resume

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Personal Information. Be sure to include your first and last name, but you can skip the middle name. Write home address, including the index. Be sure to include your email address. Try to provide a photo in which you look official, but not proud and not gloomy. A natural smile on the photo is valid. Marital status is also written in this section.

Qualification. Indicate the most important for the employer professional knowledge and skills that concern vacancies for which you apply directly.

Education. It would seem that everything is clear, but do not just indicate where you studied and whom you learned, but focus on the core disciplines. Here, list your achievements, awards, victories in olympiads, etc., which can emphasize your importance. Do not forget about additional courses or seminars. Also, you should include relevant coursework.

Experience. The internship at senior courses may fit well. In addition, undergraduates often earn additionally in their spare time. All this must be indicated in summary. If you have managed to work in several places, specify them, starting with the last place of work.

Additional Information. All that can play you a plus, but does not fit into the other sections. For example, it can be proficiency in foreign languages, driving license, hobby, if it is associated with the desired position, computer skills or specialized programs, certificates, etc.

Recommendations. A recent student is unlikely to have recommendations, but if they do exist, be sure to submit them. By the way, recommendations can be given to you in the dean’s office if you are actively involved in socially useful work and if this business is related to your profession. Recommendations are not written in summary itself. They are provided separately.

Indicate your hobbies, even if they are extreme or very homely, this will positively affect the perception of the resume, mainly if they help in the work. If you like to embroider, then you have strong patience and know how to think figuratively. Or if you can spend the weekend playing bowling, then they can conclude that you are a single-minded person, and you love to win.

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