How to pick a dissertation topic

How to pick a dissertation topic

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When choosing a topic, you can follow this way:

  • determine the area of ​​interest (direction of medicine);
  • conduct a preliminary analysis of the literature and determine the approximate number of sources on a particular topic;
  • select a research topic;
  • analyze all publications on the chosen topic;
  • formulate the goal and tasks (problems that need to be solved to achieve the result) of the dissertation.

Stages of thesis creating

First, it is necessary to determine the direction. The Higher Attestation Commission approves the list of specialties, and it is possible to get acquainted with it at this preliminary stage.

Each of the specialties provides the scientist with many opportunities for research. To narrow the field of study, it is necessary to analyze the following data:

  • areas of research in which the postgraduate student department works;
  • topics of previously published dissertations in the field of medicine of interest;
  • grants allocated to a research institution for the study of a particular issue;
  • own abilities to recruit patients;
  • availability of literature and online sources on this issue.

Defining the topic of the thesis is a crucial stage on which the success of the defense largely depends. Therefore, it is necessary not only to study the area of ​​the proposed research but also to discuss the topic in detail with the supervisor.

At the second stage of choosing a thesis topic, it is recommended to answer the following questions:

  • how the proposed topic was studied previously, what results were obtained, whether the opinion of scientists changed;
  • what key concepts and terms are used to describe the problem;
  • whether there are outstanding issues that are not currently resolved;
  • what are the primary scientific schools, departments, researchers involved in the development of this topic;

After studying these questions, the applicant should be clear on which particular topic he wants to focus on. This work allows you to create a reasonably extensive bibliographic list and pick up modern literature on the problem under study.

Your work should be useful. This characteristic of the dissertation is called its relevance and is justified in the introduction. The tasks solved by the applicant in the process of research should be claimed by modern medicine.

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